'Speak Truth to Youth'

At a meeting of the Coastal Commission, EarthSourceMedia caught up with Native Americans descended from the original inhabitants of the California Coast, as they made their case against a housing development over sacred burial grounds on the Bolsa Chica Mesa in Huntington Beach.


EarthSourceMedia thanks 'Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet', a public art display featuring 42 large (5' diameter, 7' tall) fiberglass globes, each done by a different local or national artist focusing on a simple solution to a complex problem. Special thanks to exhibit founder Wendy Abrams, the artists, and the subjects who took the time to pose for ESM. EarthSourceMedia caught up with the exhibit in San Diego. So should you! 

(Photographs by joey racano. All subjects appear with permission.)  


The Art of Joseph Racano

First, it's...


My latest creation is called, 'Casandra'- non-toxic acrylic on drftwood. This one has a 'spinner in the middle which is fun in the wind. I keep it indoors though. There are many seeing eyes on Casandra, and she foretells of an ominous future- but no one listens, of course!

Next, it's...

'Serpentilicus', so-named not only because of the reptilian eye surrounded by scales, but also for the 5' Gopher Snake that slithered out from a bush as I was painting!

'Serpentilicus' is made up of 10 large pieces of driftwood from San Simeon Beach just south of Big Sur, California that are painted in non-toxic acrylic/metallic paints.

This is my largest and heaviest 'mobile' sculpture so far and it took me over two months of hard work to finish. Cameo appearance by my dog, Lobo!

Rear view:


This one is called, 'Mary's Shroud'... (note the red 'shroud' left of center)...

Rear view... (note matching 3 blue/dark blue/topaz dots)- it's a set!

This one's called 'JaySpirit':

Mad artist...

Joseph John Racano

The Artist says..."I think of warm colors and I am warm!" -Ha ha!! (Saw that in a movie once!! :O)

And the piece above is done too now, entitled 'Meadowood' see below:

'Earthstix' are original creations of joey racano done in acrylic paint on wood. Each of the 'stix' are one-of-a-kind, include sturdy rigging for hanging and are designed to add a blast of color to your room, patio, or garden.Scroll down for a look at some of the different styles and how they are constructed.


The piece above features acrylic paints on a 15' Eucalyptus branch I found lying on the roadside. After it was 'done', I had a nagging feeling of incompletion, and eventually added seven supplementary parts. See Before (above) and After (below)...


For a better peek, I've included photos of the individual components of this one, and more below- so scroll down please...


Whew! That one took a few weeks- rewarding, though. Looks fun in the garden.

Here are some other 'Earthstix'. No two are alike!

My ‘Earthstix’ have evolved into another type of sculpture, that I call ‘Medicine Wings’. These are made with a long painted crossbar and smaller painted stix that hang from it. In this new ‘Medicine Wing’, there are 17 total pieces! The design and paint took more than a month and was completed on February 8th, 2010.

Medicine Wing:

Doesn’t that just dress up a fireplace room! :O) Now below, see the breakdown of all 16 stix attached to the main crossbar; we’ll take them 4 at a time- the acrylic paints were covered with several coats of acrylic clear for weather protection should you choose to show it outdoors.

This mobile is tied with hemp, has a driftwood crossbar and center block, and is made of resurrected old garden tools. It hangs from a rose arbor in our backyard, where the tools did their chores perhaps 100 years ago! Before that, the place was (and still is!) a shell midden. We are blessed to live here, and the spirits call from high in the trees each day with the voices of Hawks!

-joey racano

Don't forget- if you like my stuff, and want to contact the artist, you can e mail me at: earthsourcemedia@yahoo.com- peace!!